Your kilometer allowances 2022-2023

Your kilometer allowances 2022-2023

Your employees who make business trips (missions, meetings, training, service, deliveries, etc.) using their personal vehicle are entitled to reimbursement of expenses for these trips. These travel expenses can be reimbursed either as a lump sum or on the basis of receipts.

The legislation in force

The Authirities considers lump-sum allowances, allocated to employees for the use of a personal vehicle (car, motorbike or moped) for their professional travel, to be the employer’s own expenses determined by using serious and concordant criteria insofar as they do not exceed the allowances of the same nature allocated by the State to members of its staff. The employer is therefore not required to justify the amount of the expenses reimbursed to his employees in this case.
The maximum amount of this flat-rate kilometre allowance in Belgium is €0.4170 per kilometre travelled for the period from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023; the amount of this allowance has increased as a result of the rise in fuel costs compared with May 2021. This official amount is set out in SPF Strategy & Support Circular No. 705, published on 27 June 2022.

The advantages of flexible travel allowances in companies

At a time when the issue of mobility is at the centre of everyone’s concerns, it has become essential to think about the alternatives available to employers and employees. The individual car is no longer the only answer to the question of daily travel. 

Low emission zones make access to cities more complex, traffic jams at all hours lengthen journey times, the explosion in fuel prices weighs on budgets, and constantly changing taxation leads to uncertainty and increased costs.

For employers, there are many issues at stake:

  • Eco-responsibility
  • Attractiveness to the younger generation
  • Cost reduction

For employees, too, there is a great deal at stake:

  • Flexibility of working hours
  • Time saving
  • Purchasing power
  • Better work-life balance

In fact, today, workers and companies have every interest in benefiting from travel allowances to enable them to make better use of company travel, promote alternatives to the private car, and thus compensate more effectively for the inflation in energy prices that is eroding our purchasing power. 

What are all the possible travel allowances?

In Belgium, the federal framework makes it possible to benefit from a large number of company travel allowances. In absolute terms, all modes of travel are eligible for compensation. Did you know, for example, that walking or cycling is eligible for a specific allowance?

It should be noted, however, that special social and tax treatment applies to these employer interventions.

Regardless of an employee’s commuting habits, company travel allowances are a powerful lever for combating inflation, giving more choice, and above all a way to encourage and reward eco-responsible behaviours.

In fact, you have probably heard the news: “The government has released a budget of 240 million euros to increase the kilometre allowance for bicycles and to make it more widespread”, an article published in Le Soir on 1 April 2002.

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