Frequently asked questions



  • How long will it take?

    In 2 minutes, all your eligible trips are centralised in the application and ready to be sent to the Social or Accounting Secretariat for payment.

  • How are data managed?

    Komon complies strictly with the European regulation on the management of personal data (RGPD). User data are 100% anonymised.

  • Does the solution comply with legal requirements?

    The solution is based on the legal provisions in place and uses the specific scales of your sector (CP & CCT). If your obligations change, you will be automatically invited to modify your policy according to the new regulations (e.g. indexation).

  • Will it cost me more with my social secretariat?

    No, nothing more, because your social secretariat invoices per payslip, so the lump sum you pay today will be the same with Komon.

    Also your administration department will be happy to not spend time collecting and managing trips one by one like expense accounts. All information is now structured and available in one place


  • Do I have to justify my journeys to receive benefits?

    Yes, because the company must be able to justify the journeys made to comply with legal obligations and in the event of a tax audit. But don’t panic, you don’t have to enter your journeys on a daily basis, KOMON takes care of that for you!

  • Can I access and/or combine other KM allowances than cycling?

    Yes, there are several tax-free allowances such as carpooling, walking and teleworking. It depends on which modes of travel are compensated by your company.

  • Do I have to declare my journeys by a certain date to receive my benefits at the end of the month?

    Yes, because the company needs to have the information before it can pay your salary. However, with KOMON this task is 100% automatic for you and the company.

  • Who will pay for all this?

    The employer pays for the KOMON solution (€5/employee) in addition to your benefits (which are not taxed). So you as an employee do not have to pay anything.