A fixed price to earn from 1.500€ to 5.000€ tax-free per annum. 

  • Our method



    • declare from your calendar
    • collect all modes and trips
    • recieve monthly reports

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  • Small & Medium Business


    per month / user

    desktop + mobile

    • manage your budgets
    • manage your employees
    • manage your allowances
    • export to payroll
    • mobility reports

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    this plan is only applicable to multiple users

  • Freelance


    per month / user

    mobile only

    • unlimited trips and modes
    • download instant reports
    • weekly trips overview

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Your time is worth so much more...

Your time is worth so much more…

Are you wasting your time collecting, calculating, and reporting your professional trips every month?
This is not necessary.

Earn more every month, pay less taxes, in no time.

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