We help companies to cashback their mobility in no time.

We help companies to cashback their mobility in no time.

Komon enables companies to benefit from all multimodal mobility allowances (including teleworking). We want to give the choice, encourage and reward our everyday heroes.

We do this with passion. 💚

We are Komon

Our story started with two engineers that shared a passion for mobility of Belgian workers. After successfully helping large companies to change their mobility policies, we realised that small and medium-sized companies still lacked a suitable tool to help them offer more flexibility. 

We believe that all workers should use their right to benefit from a more flexible & sustainable mobility. We democratize them by simplifying the admnistrative burden for payroll and accounting purposes. We make it so easy for companies that it becomes a no-brainer to offer them.

Why now?

With the current inflation, it is essential that all workers can choose a more economical and sustainable mobility at work. With an innovative technology and good ounce of pragmatism, we knock down the administrative barriers of ecomobility. We want to free up and reward workers who travel sustainably everyday at work. Time is now!

  • Jules KERNER
    ~ Chief Energy Officer ~
  • Salvatore ARRIGO
    ~ Chief Process Officer ~
The problem...

The problem…

Today, when we start a new job, we are asked how we want to come to work.

And this is what happens:

  1. The social secretariat defines once at the signature of the work contract the unique mode of travel, called “standard fee”. No changes possible, nor are tools available.
  2. By chance, if the company wants to offer more alternatives, HR collects and manages workers’ trips like expense notes, ones by ones.

As the task is very tedious and time-consuming, many tax-free allowances are often lost.

We help SMB cachback their mobility easily.

Knocking down the barriers of flexible mobility in companies is our “raison d’être”. Workers must be able to change mobility freely without costing them more.

Komon makes easy to benefit from all mobility options available by offering a digital solution that provides more flexibility, without being too cumbersome for HR or increasing their employer’s costs.

SMEs have the right to benefit too from these advantages of flexible mobility.

This is our mission!

Our solution

Our solution

What if a tool could manage remote and travel declarations in one place, without the tedious administrative work?

Komon allows companies to :

  1. configure their unique mobility policy easily,
  2. ensure that rules are followed by employees,
  3. control and process refunds at month-end,
  4. without any manual work.

Not bad right?

Today, say no to email exchanges, Excel spreadsheets and filling forms to manage your employees’ trips. All these trips are centrally managed by Komon.