Cashback your mobility easily.

Cashback your mobility easily.

Use your calendar as always, Komon takes care of the declarations to justify all your professional trips. Done.

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Are you a company or a freelance ?
Komon manage.

Your mobility habits are taken into account and your trips are declared automatically. Goodbye forms and Excel…

Less administration, more fun!

  • Freelance ?

    Freelance ?

    Liberal professions, consultants or freelancers, your professional kilometers are a great opportunity (tax-free) to receive more net every month, without loosing time.

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  • Company ?

    Company ?

    HR manager or director, your employees are looking for alternatives mobility benefits? Offer them flexible mileage fees, without increasing your employer’s costs, nor loosing time.

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All your professional trips count. Each one!

All your professional trips count. Each one!

Every work-related trip is eligible for kilometer allowances to compensate its costs. They can help offset the current inflation effectively for all workers.

Komon calculates and manages these declarations automatically for you. No more time lost on paperwork for your accounting or payroll purposes.

Use your calendar to declare more trips easily

Use your calendar to declare more trips easily

For each mile travelled, whatever the means of transport, Komon collects and calculates the amount of your kilometer allowances in one place for you.

Your trips validated instantly

Your trips validated instantly

Per day, per week, per month, see immediately on your dashboard how much your professional mobility brings you home.

Your statements are ready

Your statements are ready

No need to keep track of your journeys one by one, everything is done for you. All your travel records, in compliance with legal obligations, are generated automatically, available in real time.

For SMBs & Freelances, with passion.

At Komon, we believe that all workers should benefit more from their mobility at work, without loosing time. 

We want to give flexibility, promote alternatives, and reward more people who travel sustainably. We’re passionate about it💚.

3..2..1...    KOMON

3..2..1… KOMON

Cashback your mobility now !

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